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A video of our concert from June 23, 2023

This is a video of  one of the programs we performed in the  summer of 2023. This  has Felix Mendelssohn – Octet in E-flat major, Op. 20,   Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges – Violin Concerto #9 in G and JS Bach Brandenburg concerto #3.

Video of a program we did in July 2023   This is a video of a program we did at the end of July 2023.  The video just got completed and sent to me.  In this we performed Tango “El Choclo”. by A. Villoldo that I arranged for string trio(violin, viola, bass) Grande Sestetto Concertante k 364  by Mozart. arranged by Christopher Hogwood […]

Our Applefest in 2022

For our Applefest in September we performed once again by the Trinity Church  in Northborough MA.   We played on  September 17 2022 from 10am-12 noon.   We played two octets this year.  One by August Walter composed in 1849 originally, then revised slightly in 1863.  We also performed the famous Schubert Octet opus 166.  We also […]

Septet concert in 8/2021- 2 septets by Blanc and Rainer, with student soloist Emma Li playing two solos by Handel and Martini

This here is our second program from the end of the summer 2021  of two septets we performed and recorded for Quincy Cable TV.  Our septet performance we played two septets here by Adolph Blanc and by Rudolph Johann Joseph Rainer, a student of Beethoven. And .Emma Li plays to violin solos by Handel and […]

Charles River Sinfonietta video 1 from summer of 2021. Octets by Mendlessohn & Enesco and soloist playing Brahms and Rodrigo

We have to really thank the Quincy Cable TV for helping us .. we recorded a few programs for them to be shown on Cable TV stations these last few months . They are now starting to be shown on the TV stations . Here is our first one. We’d been hoping to have several […]

Carl Amand Mangold

  In our video the Charles River Sinfonietta made on September 22, 2020 to be put on Cable TV in many towns we’d gotten grants and support to give concerts this year, the first piece on the program was a septet by Carl Amand Mangold written in 1855. It appears that previous to our video […]

Charles RIver Sinfoinietta video made on 9/22/20 in Quincy Library, Quincy, MA to take the place of some of our concerts

This is a video made by members of the Charles River Sinfonietta on September 22, 2020. It is to take the place of some of the concerts we’d gotten grants and support for. It is two septets for violin, viola, cello, bass, clarinet , bassoon and french horn. The first one we played is 4 […]

We Got Our Grant In Methuen MA Again.

We just got a notice that we got our grant once again in Methuen MA from the Methuen LCC and we will be playing a septet concert at the end of this summer again at the Methuen Memorial Concert Hall.

We Just Started Getting Notices About Grants For 2020

We just started getting notices about the grants that we applied for for supporting our concerts for 2020… We haven’t heard from all of them yet… and usually the rejections get sent out first, so hopefully by not having heard yet that means we’ll get most of them. The first town to tell us we […]

No Responses Yet…. Usually That’s Good. Rejections Go Out First

Well we’ve sure applied for lots of grants to play several chamber music concerts in several towns next summer… Almost no places have replied yet to the applications we sent in by October 15th.. That is a good sign… for the rejections always get sent out first. so hopefully almost all the grants we applied […]

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